Raventic | Visual Recommendation System


Boost revenue
and shorten your
customers' journey

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with AI powered Visual Recommendation System.

  • Boost Engagement
  • Inspire Customers
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
visual similarity

Visual similarity
is a market standard
for e-commerce

Stay ahead of the curve and showcase visual similarity on your platform.

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    Tailored to your catalogue

    Send us your catalogue and we will train the model based on your defined categories.

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    Fully automated solution

    Our solution ensures that recommended products are updated seamlessly without any human intervention.

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    Easy to implement

    No development team? No worries. We offer a hassle-free, no-code option for implementation.

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    High degree of customization

    Choose between our default widget or code your own to perfectly match your brand.

Your users' experience
is the most valuable

  • Increase the chance customers find the right product
  • Give them ability to browse based on what they like
  • Save the hassle of switching between category pages
users experience

How Raventic drives business results

The top benefit of Raventic Recommendation is increased revenue by streamlinig the shopping experience.

Michal Zelinka, CEO Raventic
8 %
Up to 8 % of new revenue
40 %
40 % of revenue coming from Raventic users
+20 %
Buyers who interact with Raventic have 20 % higher AOV

How customers interact with Raventic

Raventic Recommendation is used by the most valuable customers.

30+ %
More than 30 % of orders are assisted by Raventic recommendation
80+ %
Raventic users spend 80+ % more time on your site
10 %
Up to 10 % reduction of bounce rate

How Raventic works

Raventic helps companies reduce the cost of content creation, avoid the ongoing maintenance of in-house tools, and still get a tailored solution.

9 %
9 % CTR on Raventic recommendations
We recalculate our recommendations for your catalog hourly
There are limitless ways you can configure your preferences on top of our recommendations